From the outside, it may look it is all fun and frolic. It is not so

Development and learning are done best when in the form of games and play. Play must be engaging and fun. It should stimulate and thrill both the mind, body and the soul. Encouraging the children to participate in active games and sports enhance many skills and improve on their overall personality. Children who have been exposed to healthy and optimistic games have a more positive approach later on in life.

Games form a vital part of the lives of the growing child. Sports have an ability to change lives for the better. Play has the ability to encourage fun while augmenting development in all facets. Playgrounds are one of the most undervalued tools in a child’s life. In this day and age, when grades and careers are given utmost importance, play time is not given any priority.

What is play?

It involves freely chosen, imaginative and actively engaging activities that encourage social behaviour as well as development. It is a misconnection that play is meant only for children.

What is leisure?

Leisure can be the time that is free from work and other commitments. It can be taken up as an activity to induce a stress-free time. Recreational activities such as singing, dancing or any hobby can take place during times of leisure. It is a time when inhibitions are lowered and the participants are genuinely relaxed when performing such activities. It is vital for a good and satisfying physical, mental and emotional health.  Unless there is time to calm the system, the rest of the day cannot be smooth. You can get inovative ideas about playgrounds by visiting this website

Importance of leisure and play

Leisure and play form the foundation of development along with education and training. Recreation is considered as an activity that is performed only in free time. Time should be made for recreation. All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy. This is true in every sense of the word. Play time is very vital to relax the mind to ensure that it is ready to take on serious acts. Today, IT companies conduct retreats in beach resorts and include a lot of games that bring out the child in the adult.Leisure and games should be taken up as serious activities in order to improve the mind. Our playgrounds do exactly that. The playgrounds are designed and manufactured with professional expertise to encourage learning the fun way. It helps in creating a learning environment both for children and adults.

Safety features

The safety of the children is a very important factor to be kept in mind when constructing a playground. It has to have the following:Just like a lifeguard at the pool at all times, adult supervision is needed to keep an eye on the kids. There should be a point where adults can sit be able to see the entire area at once. There should be no sharp edges at the playground. It must be completely child-friendly.

Anything broken must be fixed immediately. Play structures should not be made up of glass.The ground may be made up of soft material or covered with layers of sand or mud so that even if a child falls, there is no severe injury caused. Safe surfaces usually are made up of wood chips, sand, pea gravel, or rubber-like surfaces.

Ladder steps may have good traction. The yard and the play area should be free of any hazardous objects that could be potentially injurious to health. E.g. rusted metal, glass, etc.If the playground is near a water body such as a lake, there should be a proper and safe barrier preventing the child from running out of the ground and into dangerous territories. In the case of hot weather, the slide should be checked before a child uses it, in case it is too hot.